The purpose of NHYFC is to encourage the youth of New Hartford, Winsted, Barkhamsted, Norfolk, Hartland, Colebrook, Harwinton and Burlington regardless of race, creed, color or sex to participate in area sporting activities and to acquire principles of go

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When and where are practices?

  1. Pratices are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays the first 3 weeks of August at Ann Antolini School from 6 PM to 8 PM.  

  2. Once school starts, practice will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays either at Ann Antolini School or the Field House at Brodie Park North. 

  3. Rules for parking are posted in the football FAQ’s.


What should my cheerleader wear to practice?

  1. We will be ordering cheer shoes during the first weeks of practice.  Once they are distributed, those MUST be worn to all practices.  Prior to that, please wear sneakers and socks.  Cheer shoes should NOT be worn outside of practice, therefore please have an extra pair of shoes for your child to change out of before and into after practice.

  2. Wear clothing that is non-restrictive (NO JEANS)

  3. Hair must be worn away from the face.  No large plastic or metal hair decorations.

  4. NO jewelry of any kind, including elastic bands on wrists.

  5. Bring WATER!

Are there any Practice Rules?

  1. Be kind - there is no room for personal conflicts at practice.

  2. Warming up is NOT optional - you must participate in order to cheer!

  3. Never build a stunt without the coach present.

  4. No talking between cheers.

  5. No gum, candy or soda during practice.

  6. In order to be counted as attending, you must participate in all facets of practice.

  7. No cell phone usage during practice, this includes texting.

What happens if there is inclement weather on a practice night?

Practice goes on if in inclement weather.  



What if my cheerleader cannot make a practice or game?

You MUST give as much notice as possible to your cheer coach so that they can plan accordingly.  During the first week of practice, your cheer coach will advise you as to the best way to contact them.  If your cheerleader misses many practices, the cheer coach may have to adjust your cheerleader’s position in stunts, for obvious safety reasons.



Do the cheerleaders need to cheer at a game in inclement weather?

Yes!  If the football game is not cancelled, the cheerleaders MUST attend and cheer unless both teams agree not to play.   This is VERY important because NHYFC is fined for every game that the cheerleaders do not attend ($50 for the first game, $100.00 for the second game, $200.00 for the third game, etc.). 



When is the cheer competition and is my cheerleader required to attend?

The cheer competition is at the end of October with the place TBD.  All cheerleaders are required to participate.  Once tickets are available for purchase, you will be notified as they are not available at the door.



I saw action pictures of cheerleaders last year - will those be done again this year?

Yes! If you are interested in buying an "action" picture of your cheerleader, please let us know early in the season so that we can start taking pictures early to insure we have an excellent shot.



Will there be a year end banquet?

We do not have a date yet, but we will give you more information as soon as the Banquet is set. 



What is Harvest Day?

Harvest Day is a fundraiser held in the fall.  It is carnival-like and very fun!  Parents are encouraged to volunteer for the Harvest Day committee.  The cheerleaders WILL be responsible for participation in Harvest Day as well all the football players. We ask that ALL parents become involved in fundraising during the season by either working in the Snack Shack (home game) or volunteering for a committee.  


Any questions, please contact Rebecca Marcano, Cheer Coordinator.