The purpose of NHYFC is to encourage the youth of New Hartford, Winsted, Barkhamsted, Norfolk, Hartland, Colebrook, Harwinton and Burlington regardless of race, creed, color or sex to participate in area sporting activities and to acquire principles of go

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What equipment do we need to purchase?

  1. Molded football cleats (no screw in spikes)
  2. Practice jersey (XL shirt to cover shoulder pads during practice - Wolverine practice jerseys will be available for purchase the first week of practice)
  3. Athletic Supporter (cup)
  4. Mouth Guard

We encourage donations of any slightly used cleats, practice jerseys, integrated practice pants, etc. You can post what you have available to the exchange portion of the website.


When and where do we pick up our shoulder pads/helmet and other equipment?
Equipment will be handed out at a designated time before the season starts.  Helmets will be fitted to each player's head.  All registration forms MUST be completed and turned in tin order to receive your equipment.  In the event your forms are not complete, the player's equipment will be bagged and held with your their name until completed forms are turned in.

What do the players need to bring to practice?

  1. Water, water and more water - hydration is key!
  2. First week of practice - shorts, t-shirt, cup and cleats.
  3. After the first week of practice - helmet, shoulder pads, mouth guard, cup, cleats and practice pants with pads.
  4. Bug repellent (optional)
  5. Any necessary medical supplies, i.e inhalers


When are practices and what should I expect from practices?

  1. Practices are held Mondays - Thursdays from 6 PM to 8 PM the first 3 weeks of August at Antolini School in New Hartford.
  2. Once school begins, practices are held Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  3. It is VERY important that players are at practice on-time and fully suited up as the warm-up and stretching portion of the practice is necessary to minimize muscle pulls and injuries.
  4. In the event a player must miss practice, you MUST notify one of your coaches.
  5. If a player misses too many practices during a week, they may not be able to play in that week’s game.  This is at the discretion of the Head Coach of your team.
  6. Please pick up after yourselves after practice (garbage, wrappers, water bottles, etc).


Where do I park for practices?
Good question!  Please park in the first parking lot on the right when you first come up the hill to Antolini School.  Parking at the field is RESERVED for coaches and individuals that need assistance.  Please do NOT drive up to the field to drop-off or pick-up your child.  


When are games played?

  1. Games are played on Sundays.  You will be provided with a schedule of game locations and times.  This will also be posted on the website.
  2. There is a Jamboree (for football players) scheduled in August  This is a fun day that consists of 20 minute games against other teams in the league.  Dates TBD.
  3. In the event your player must miss a game, please notify one of your coaches.  Please give your coach as much notice so they can design their plays around it.


Will my child play in every game?
NHYFC makes it a practice that every player will play a minimum of 6 plays per game.  The amount of game time your child plays depends on many factors including their effort, attitude and attendance.   In the event you have a question about your child, please speak with Mike Maloney and he will address your particular situation.


What are Team Parents?
Team Parents are responsible for reminding parents of events and other pertinent information.  Team Parents also put together a team roster, coordinate a sign-up schedule for half-time snacks, coordinate a team booth for Harvest Day and team gifts.  If you would like to be a Team Parent, please notify your coach ASAP!


Do I have to participate in fundraising?
Football is one of the only sports where the equipment (helmet, pads, game jersey and game pants) is provided to the players for their use during the season.  This equipment is very expensive! In addition to this, we must pay for, among other things, 3 officials for each game, an EMT presence at each game, league insurance and league dues.  The registration fees collected do not come close to covering these costs.  Because of this, fundraising is an integral part of our organization. 
We know that everyone is very busy, but every family is expected to participate in fundraising, in one form or another.  This can be accomplished by volunteering to work at the snack shack and apparel tent during a home game, working the chains at the games, donating food to snack shack (home games), working on our Harvest Day fundraising or Football Banquet committee or making a donation in lieu of participating.  We expect every family to give back to the program!

What kinds of food can I make to sell at our home game Snack Shack?
Soups, pulled pork, meatballs, chili, macaroni and cheese, cookies/brownies always sell well.  We have room for crockpots - just bring them and we will price and sell the food!  The more money we make at the Snack Shack, the less we raise later!


When are pictures?
Pictures will take place during one of our practices and we will notify you as soon as the date is set.  Picture day is also one of our fundraisers - we receive a percentage of money back! 


Can I buy Wolverine Wear at any other times other than at the games?
We will soon have Wolverine Wear for purchase on our website  

I saw some framed action photos of players  last year – how can I order one of my child?
We will be offer "action" photos each year.  More information to follow! 


Do we have a year end banquet/awards ceremony?
Yes!  We will have a Football Banquet in mid-November.  

If I have concerns, complaints or suggestions, whom do I speak with?
Any concerns, complaints or suggestions should be directed toward Bill Marcano, Vice President of NHYFC. In no way should conversations be held in front of the players.  Please know that any concerns, complaints or suggestions will remain confidential if requested.